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What is The Tuesday Klub? 

We shut our door and pull the blinds to the general public, we allow members only in to provide either a free consultation, fittings or maintenance on men’s hair replacement systems. 


We specialize in the highest quality, non-surgical hair replacement systems at affordable prices in Essex.

Are you looking for non-surgical treatment for hair loss in Essex ? Do you want your confidence back? Do you wish you could find hair systems in Essex that make you feel like you again? Want to look younger? 

Well you can today with our non-surgical hair replacement service!

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As part of our preparation process we exfoliate and gently cleanse your scalp to improve its longevity and assure the scalp is clinically cleansed to ensure the system is applied perfectly.



The hair system gets semi-permanently applied to your scalp using a water based and toxin free bond which holds the hair system in place comfortably and strongly. This is a painless and gentle process. We only use the best products on the market for the secure hold and the best for your skin.

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The Look

Now for the exciting bit you can now choose any hairstyle you wish, the major factor involved in making a hair system truly undetectable which is the way its cut and styled. With the hair being 100% real Remmy hair nothing changes when it comes to washing, blow drying and styling your hair.

Free Consultations

At our salon we offer free consultations we will guide you through the various types of hair replacement systems available and will discuss: density, colour, style, length and template design. we can assess your hair loss area and determine the best solution for you.

We will also show you samples of our hair systems. You can try the systems on to give you an idea of what to expect and how it will feel and look.

Bespoke hair system - £500

* Personally designed, fitted & styled

* Hair line recreation & Design service

* Ongoing support and advice

The duration of a hair system cannot be guaranteed but we do believe a hair system can last anywhere from 4 – 6 months following the after care instructions correctly there’s no reason you wont get the long last wear in your system. Removing glue and thoroughly cleaning the system

Maintenance - £40

* Every 4 weeks 

* Remove the system 

* Exfoliate and gently cleanse your scalp

* Removing glue and thorough clean to the system

* Scalp & Hair system re-applying adhesive

* Refitting the system & hair-trims to ensure their own growing hair is blending well with their hair replacement system

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